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What is DMG?

DMG is a website where everybody is given a chance to win a free premium Minecraft account!
A premium Minecraft account gives you access to the current Minecraft Beta, and the full game when it's released! You can enter the giveaway once a day!

Want to participate? Click the "How To Enter" button above to learn everything you need to know!
If you have a question, please refer to the FAQ page first. Your question may have already been answered!
If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, please visit the "Contact Us" page, or the Chatroom below!

You must complete a survey to enter! We know surveys suck but they pay for the giftcodes! You cannot win if you don't complete a survey!


Chatroom Rules:

1) Do not spam/flood for any reason. One warning, then ban.
2) Do not swear. If you want our attention, you have to be polite.
3) No discrimination of one another. No warnings, ban.
4) Do not promote or advertise anything that is not related to this website. One warning, then ban.
5) Do not claim that you are a moderator, or administrator of DMG. No warnings, permanent ban.
6) Check the FAQ before asking any questions. The FAQ page was created to avoid frequent questions.
7) No console wars.